Why Outsourcing?

Since July of 2005, the Techforce team have performed precision central office, cell site and power installations, battery plant changeouts, com upgrades and equipment expansions.

Highly-Trained Central Office Installation Team With certification access to AT&T, QWEST and Sprint badges… as well as pre-acquired certifications for Railroad Safety, AT&T Supplier Awareness, QWEST TP77350 and ESD training certification, you can be confident that the installation will be performed as specified. Whatever the certification requirement… we’ll be ready to get it!

Quality Results… Competitive Price

We can help your company meet it’s objective and obligations by offering you hourly, unit or turnkey quotations. Your specific need is ALL you pay for, and only for the duration needed.

Who Are We?

Techforce is a nationally-focused telecommunications contract company located in Catlettsburg, KY specializing in Central Office (CO) installation. We feature a management team possessing a wide range of expertise and many years of experience in the telecommunications field.

Techforce is owned by Charles R. Knipp and Steven R. Griffith. Both have excelled in the telecommunication business for over 15 years each.